What are the email settings for Alta-Tec Internet?

The Alta-Tec email server supports SSL encryption for both IMAP and SMTP for client access.  If you do not have a client one is available free for download from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/

Alta-Tec also provides a web interface for accessing your mail through a browser that is available at here http://webmail.alta-tec.net

Alta-Tec requires a username and password for both incoming and outgoing email.  For the username use your complete email address ex: altatec@alta-tec.net  Your password is the password you chose when signing up.  If you do not have that information you can get it from Alta-Tec by calling 712-200-1122

Non-secure access and pop3 is available but not recommened. If you require this type of connection please call 712-200-1122

Mail Server Type IMAP

Incoming Server Name: mail.neotekpc.com.com port 993
Outgoing Server Name: mail.neotekpc.com port 465 Requires Authentication; use same as incoming

Some software does not correctly support SSL. Alta-Tec provides a StartTLS port also for those clients.
Outgoing Server Name: smtp.secureurl.com port 587 Requires Authentication; use same as incoming

Devices supporting Active Sync the mail server name for incoming/outgoing is  sync.securedurl.com Alta-Tec supports syncing of Calendar,Contacts, Email

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